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Mountaintop Productions
Mountaintop Productions, Inc. was founded and established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship by award-winning playwright Celeste Bedford Walker, originally as a vehicle to tour WWI military drama “Camp Logan,” which is still touring today, and is currently playing at The Robey Theatre in Los Angeles. In subsequent years Celeste Bedford Walker has produced or co-produced many of her plays with friend and business associate, Sage Edwards, who also produced Walker’s first play, “Once in a Wife Time,” which is still being performed today and is considered a theatre classic.

Mountaintop Productions is currently seeking astute investors with a keen eye for plays with great market potential for tremendous profitability. Get in on the ground floor of extraordinary opportunities for financial gain with future productions of plays by Celeste Bedford Walker. Please note that Celeste is Executive Producer of all of her stage plays.
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